Player Development Soccer Program

Player Development
Soccer Program

Ages 6-8
Intermediate Level
(Prerequisite Skills Level 2/Coaches Recommendation).
• Tuesdays 4pm
• 8 Week Program
• $200

Ages 8-12
Advanced Level
(Coaches Recommendation).
• Wednesdays & Fridays 4pm
• 8 Week Program – 2x per week
• $400

Ages 13 and Up
• Thursdays 4pm
• 8 Week Program
• $200

Free trial available, classes prorated after start date.
Payment Plan available at Check Out. 

Additional training available for Speed and Agility and Goalkeepers.

Private and Small Group and No School Days Camps also available.

About the Program

Player Development
Soccer Program hosted by Coach Cristian

Player Development Soccer Program is an immersive 8 week program that focuses on elevating players skill level both mentally and physically. This program is for intermediate to advanced level players. 

Beginner players are recommended to join our Skills Institute to acquire the basic skills to advance to the intermediate levels. 

The 8 week session is broken into specific classes that will focus on different areas that typically do not receive enough attention during league practices. 

3 Pillars

Defense: body on and off the ball & 1v1.

vision, distribution, switching.

Striker: left/right/inside/outside of foot, 1v1.

Skill Moves / Fun with the Ball

Juggling, Scissors, Step Overs, Rainbows, 1st touch, Settling, One Touch, and more. 
This class will focus on getting the ball, keeping the ball, and shooting/passing the ball like the Pros.  We will put these moves into game like scenarios to allow them to become a fluid part of the players game. 


30 minute class time / video review of players and positioning and 30 minutes of on field examples. 

Coach Cristian Trujillo Profile

Indoor5occer Director of Coaching and Player Development

Soccer Career
Played HS Varsity in Las Vegas.
Runner up for NCAA 4A State Championship.
Played UPSL D-1.
Captain for Las Vegas City FC.

Leadership / Coaching Experience
Head Coached for Rebels FC.
Head Coached for NVSD U-10.
Head Coach for NVSD U-18.
Head Coach for CSA U-14.
Assistant Coach for UPSL side Las Vegas City FC.
Assistant Coach for UPSL side SLV.
Head Coach for Coronado HS Woman’s Junior Varsity Team.
Assistant Coach for Coronado HS Woman’s Varsity Team.